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We can build a world where elderlies can age safe and connected in the digital society

We want older people to have the opportunity to enrich their lives through social networks. The thing that we, the younger generation, take for granted has not reached the elderly.

Oulumo has long-term experience in developing safety and well-being services in the elderly sector. We have noticed that there are blind spots in elderly care that we wanted to address. In particular, the development of digital services for older people that have been more geared towards institutional care than from the perspective of improving the quality of life for our seniors. We thought we can do better than that. And we did.

Our products
Personal security alarm

Luna is an affordable GPS personal security alarm. It can be paired with Lumo to create an even more secure environment for the elderly who is living in his own home. Help is just one click away.


Luna is also convenient for people working alone or for all members of an active family in various circumstances. 


Connects to your own Android phone and so does not require monthly charges for the use or a separate subscription.

Video security phone

Lumo helps you to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest when you are not able to visit them as often as you would like. People can use the videophone to ask the wellbeing of your loved one whenever they feel need to.


Combined with the Luna alarm wristband, it helps to give you a sense of security and comfort. 

If you want to buy Lumo, please email us at


Lumo increases inclusion and prevents social exclusion 


Strengthen older people’s mental resources and coping with everyday life


The feeling of security increases when communication with relatives is easy


Better quality of life by living in your own home for as long as possible

Our products are perfect for

This is why we do what we do

”That Lumo is indeed a great device for us. Easy to use and communicating in body language is possible if our father is not able to speak correctly.

It is also good that other buttons and functions are hidden from the tablet so that the user cannot confuse the action by pushing them accidentally. It is also possible to take the father ”with us” and show places and people over the phone.”

Annukka K


We make communication between relatives and the elderly easy

We are living the most social time in the history of mankind. Despite all the great technology, the situation for the elderly is bad. We have not been able to involve them. We are so close but still so far away and blind to the true well-being of a loved one.

Get involved to eliminate the loneliness of the elderly.

Tuomo Sihvola

CEO, founder

Become a partner

We’re looking for partners who believe there are better ways to support our elderly

It is socially important that we decide how digital society will serve our elderly. As the first device developed by Oulumo in October 2016, we introduced the Lumo video security phone at the SeniorHäme event in Hämeenlinna. Soon after our first product, we wanted to add even more security features and added affordable, personal security alarm Lumo wristband to our catalog.

We want to work with:

Public caregivers

Lumo will be a great daily tool for contacting the elderly and ask how he/she is doing today

Private caregivers

Lumo will ease the transfer from home to the nursing home 

Added value resellers

Help us to get our products near your customers

Solution partners

We want to offer reliable, fast and affordable network for our customers

Business inquiries and press

Tuomo Sihvola

CEO, Founder

+358 447 818 808


Mika Kyllönen

Sales, Founder

+358 44 777 8721

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