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Time to share the best kept secrets we've discovered on our respective journeys

Slush 2018 gathers over 20,000 tech heads including 3,000 startups, 2,000 investors and 600 journalists from over 140 countries to Helsinki.

Founder Stage: Story of ICEYE.

Jyri Engeström discusses with

Pekka Laurila.

- Launching the New era of Aerospace.

Interesting visions about the possibilities of satellite imagery to help with agriculture,

shipping and climate change. Iceye Oy is a Finnish space technology startup company that develops microsatellite which can provide nearly real-time radar images regardless of the time and weather conditions.

Oulumo's growth path is similar than Iceye's. The Business of Finland's TUTL project has made it possible for both of them to initially develop. Iceye's success in EU Horizon2020

(in order to receive funding for further development) encourages other growth companies. Oulumo has already been recognized in the Horizon process by the "Seal of Excellence" - by confession. Our hard work with this process will continue in 2019.

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